Leaving La Pesca

After staying in the hotel campground, we finally got on the road yesterday at 12:15 (Jack stays up late and sleeps in).  There is a campground in La Pesca but Jack and Chris deemed it too expensive and so we boondocked on the deserted beach near the small, very poor looking town.  A dog, who looks like she recently had puppies, has been coming around this morning and I’m feeding her some bread.  I haven’t seen a dog yet that looks well fed and it’s sad.  It is too chilly and windy to do much so we are leaving again.  It is now 12:15 and hopefully we’ll be on the road soon.  There are probably 150-200 of these covered palapas on the beach and evidently when the weather is good, it’s a crowded place.
IMG_0885   IMG_0881