Errand Running Today

Taxi’s run up and down the coastal strip and this afternoon we stood on the side of the road and caught one to the edge of the little village of Caretas where there was a gas station with ATM to replenish our cash.  Nearby there was also a coffee shop with free internet.  So would you believe our first meal out in Mexico was ham and cheese sandwiches?  They were delicious but really…….it’s almost sac religious.  Then we took another taxi further into town for a few groceries.  I was hoping to see vegetable and fruit stands  as we did driving through the countryside but we didn’t.  For sure, when we leave here we are going to stop at a roadside stand and stock up.  A third taxi took us back to the RV park.  Total cost for Steve and I for 3 taxi rides was less than $3.
I forgot to mention the interesting fences everywhere in the country.  People put bare sticks in the ground a couple of feet apart and then they sprout new growth.  We saw these tree fences in various stages of growth.   Another thing:  I have often read that the citizens will look at us with unfriendly faces and this is true.  I’ve also heard repeatedly that if you smile or wave, they get very big genuine smiles on their faces in return.  Also true.  The people in this area are quite good looking and it’s interesting to see the differences as we travel along. 
Since we arrived at the campground yesterday, the family who own it got very busy and cleaned all the tables and chairs at every campsite, cleaned the swimming pool, the bathrooms, and generally were very busy all day.  All this for two RV’s.  Then it got windy this afternoon and they had to remove all the tables and chairs back to a large palapa.  I would say there’s room for at least 30 RV’s here so that’s a lot of furniture.  Maybe they are hoping the sight of our two RV’s will draw more customers in.