Resting For A While

After three days of driving and getting lost once or twice each day, we have arrived at the Emerald Coast to rest for a while.   We have a great campsite right on the gulf and in front of a swimming pool with full hookups for 950 pesos total  for 8 days.  There are about 10 campgrounds along this coast and we have only seen one other RV.  Many commercial RV caravans come through here beginning in January and from what I understand, it’s hard to get a good rate then.  Tomorrow we will take a taxi to a little town nearby and get a few groceries, find an ATM, and go to an internet cafe to check email and post this blog.  We haven’t eaten in a restaurant yet so hopefully we can do that tomorrow.  Today’s drive should have been easy as it would have been mostly nice toll roads but five miles after getting on, Jack, who we were following, misread a sign and exited.  We have the most detailed maps of Mexico you can buy, a GPS, and another large map. All three can give different directions and all three can often be totally wrong.  Back to today; we were on a country road for about 25 miles before entering a fairly good sized town called Tihuatlan.  All of a sudden, in the middle of downtown, the road had construction piles of dirt and that was the end of the road.  Jack’s RV is a big class A, and he had a heck of a time getting turned around.  After a number of attempts to find the correct road, a man on a bicycle led us around on tiny roads, full of trucks and busses until we picked up the main road again.  At times, Jack was nose to nose with these big trucks at a standoff.    Never was there a detour sign or directions on how to get around the construction.  Thank goodness we have a small RV to maneuver almost anywhere without much effort.
After Tampico, the countryside is incredibly beautiful.  Brilliant green, lush tropical foliage, and hilly.  Unfortunately,  there is never a spot to pull over along side the road and enjoy the views or take pictures,  I snapped several from the RV but the quality isn’t the best.  We drove through the town of Tuxpam which looks very interesting.  As we crossed the bridge over a wide river, beautiful mansions could be seen along the shore. 
I am happy to report that our prepaid AT&T cell phone is able to email from all over Mexico for cheap, cheap, cheap!  We have a different email address on the phone from the usual, so I will notify some of you via email what that address is.  For some reason,  I am having trouble formatting this posting and hope it comes through okay when I get an internet connection tomorrow.
Roadside produce markets line the roads.
Below is a view of Tuxpam from the bridge.

PC080654 PC080645

Entering Tuxpam