San Miguel de Allende

Driving on our own was so relaxing and we made great time.  A friend had sent us a link to an article that said San Miguel Allende was one of the 10 best places in the world to spend Christmas and Steve made up his mind to come here.  What a great decision and what a difference a few hours makes.  From a trashy lot with cows nearby to being amongst entertainment stars.  I am on the lookout for Antonio Banderas who lives here.  So does Julio Iglesia.  We are at the Hotel La Siesta campground within walking distance of downtown.  There are seven other RV’s here, mostly Canadian.  The people next to us are from Nova Scotia and right after we arrived invited us to go downtown to see Doc Severinson and his band play at a rustic, atmosphere filled Italian restaurant.  Doc plays the trumpet and is in his 80’s now.  Some nights he shows up and some nights he doesn’t.  We didn’t get to see him but his band was wonderful, especially the violinist. The music was Spanish classical with a lot of gusto.  We bought the CD.  The cathedral on the plaza is all lit up, the downtown is decorated and various musicians play in front of the cathedral every night until Christmas. There are also fireworks and processions every night.  This is a very expensive town.  Some new condo’s (to fit into the local architecture) are being built between our campground and downtown that go for $850,000. Dollars, not peso’s.  But we could live in this campground with full hookups, internet, and pool for $525 a month.  We were told about a German couple that arrived last year at another small campground close by and are still here!  I can see why.
IMG_1144 IMG_1112