Walking San Miguel

There is a botanical park just 2 or 3 blocks from the downtown and we walked there first.  It is first class nice and quite large.  The fauna reminded me of the San Diego Zoo, minus the animals. 
IMG_1072 IMG_1075
After that we walked all over downtown and it is a photographers dream to say the least.  I took 90 pictures and believe I could take that many everyday for a year.  There is so much to see, it goes on and on.  Some people like to photograph doors and that alone could keep you busy for a long time.  There are so many beautiful churches and so much going on.  We had lunch on the plaza and just in the short time could have sat there making a documentary film (if I knew how) of the sights coming by.  The lunch was wonderful and would you believe we had Apfel Strudel (Apple Strudel) for lunch that tasted right out of Austria except for much more cinnamon.  The downside were the beggars including children coming to our table every few minutes. 
We initially paid for 3 days here but might stay through Christmas.  The Canadians here take side trips every day to other towns nearby and have been telling us about all the “must see” places.  All of them are urging us not to go to Central America in a caravan, also not before we have learned Spanish better, and they are quite adamant that there is so much to see in this area first.  We think they may be right.  Just two weeks of travelling on someone else’s schedule, someone else’s speed, the constant CB and walkie-talkie problems, and the extreme humidity of the east coast has probably changed our mind about going.  One couple in this campground went to Central America last year and said almost everyone comes back with their motor homes held together with duct tape.  We still want to go but I think it would be better with maybe just one other like-minded couple.
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