The Roosters Aren’t In Tune

So says Steve.  Actually, what he really said was “The Cocks Aren’t In Tune” but that doesn’t sound so good.  We are at Lake Chapala at Ron’s place which has a fairly high wall around it.  The people directly behind us raise cocks for fighting and Steve says they make a different crow than the normal cockle-doodle-doo farm roosters.  I wouldn’t know but I can tell you these roosters can’t tell time. They think dawn lasts from 3 am to 7 pm and they all sound off together nonstop. 
I have always heard that the Mexicans are big into celebrating every holiday with lots of all night music and fireworks and that the Christmas and Easter holidays are the biggest.  It started last night and the fireworks and music are very serious.  Some of the fireworks sound like cannons going off and the music is turned up with volume and bass as much as possible.  Oh, and the dogs go nuts too.  So if you come down here, bring ear plugs and sleeping pills.  We bought insulating curtains at Wal-Mart before we crossed the border and that helps.
Ron just had his RV property painted last week and it’s so vibrant.  He’s so nice to invite us here and we will enjoy staying put for a while with full hookups, a washing machine and a clean, modern bathroom.  Ron is going on the Panama trip with his two little Chihuahua type dogs.