The Good Guys In White Hats

This group of men were waiting outside some type of government office and almost everyone wore a white hat.  Not that everyone in town wore them, but the ones that went into this office did in particular.IMG_1803
This rooster adopted us as soon as we arrived at the RV park.  If Steve walked from one side to the other of the RV, it followed.  If we were inside, he was right by the window cocking his head every time we spoke.  It paid off because he got fed by us.
I presume Alamos is prone to flash flooding because all of the sidewalks were high off the road.  And they weren’t built evenly high.  Walking the town means continually going up and down steps which are sometimes so steep you could barely get up them.  Very good exercise.
We were told that once we got to the west coast and continued north, we would see a bigger police presence.  Alamos has municipal police, federal police, and soldiers all over the downtown.  They all looked young, nice, and friendly.  It doesn’t bother us to see them everywhere.
This man stopped us to sell some of whatever he is carrying on his back.  He went into a long explanation in Spanish of what it was for but we didn’t understand a word.  Darn!  We saw other people buy little bunches from him so it must be worthwhile.
Almost every town in Mexico has a plaza where the people gather and it’s where all the music and celebrations occur.  The plaza in Alamos is especially pretty.  Not pictured are all the flowers and rose beds surrounding the gazebo. I think there’s a better word for what this structure is called but I can’t think of it.