Alamos – More Pictures

We are presently in San Carlos on the Sea of Cortez but before I write about our time here, I have more pictures to post of Alamos.
The following two pictures are of the large church on the plaza.

One of the things to know about Mexico is you can never judge a house by it’s front or presume to know what is behind a wall.  If a door happens to be open and you peek in, there’s often a beautiful courtyard, sometimes a pool or fountain, and always a lot of lush greenery and flowers.  This wall surrounds beautiful ultra-modern outdoor sitting areas and a sleek looking house.
Our guide thought this tree on the grounds of the Hacienda de Los Santos was called a Banyon tree.  This hotel/hacienda is 2 blocks from the plaza and is another place that, from the fro you would never know such luxury existed.  The level of detail in restoring this hacienda is incredible. There’s even a religious art collection that spans 4 centuries.  You would never guess that an American couple who love Mexico bought this hacienda to be their home and then turned it into a hotel.  My pictures don’t do it justice so if you are interested in reading and seeing pictures you can go to their website at                                          
This is the El Mirador lookout above the city. It was too far to walk so we took a taxi and the driver waited while we walked around. 

Several structures in town had these little tiny houses on the roofs. 

Alamos also has a very nice museum on the plaza that is fairly large with each room leading to another.  The rooms have different themes and there’s even a re-creation of the old silver mine tunnels.
And the last pictures of Alamos are pictures of doors for my sister-in-law Sylvia.