Back In The USA

What an adventure the past 3+ months has been.  Before entering Mexico we had expectations of at least getting stopped once on a false traffic violation to pay a bribe to the police, or having the motor home searched, a flat tire on the bad roads, being  awake all night because of loud music, getting cheated by gas station attendants, or being short changed.  But none of this happened.  Not once.  Now we did have problems with food not agreeing with our systems but the good side was we weren’t constipated.

There were several incidences in and near Mazatlan the last two weeks we were in the country that made a lot of RV’ers nervous and I have to admit we were glad to be leaving when we did.  It’s a shame.  Mexico is so beautiful and the people are so nice and genuine.  I hope someday to go back and spend even more time exploring farther south than we went.

We were going to spend one night in Ajo, Arizona and then go to the Grand Canyon. But this town and the area turned out to be a nice surprise so we’re going to stay a few days to check things out first.