Zigzagging Iowa

As much as possible, we try to drive two lane secondary roads to see more and also so that Steve has to drive slower and that keeps the peace. Iowa’s roads are top notch and we have meandered many of them in the southwest part of the state since leaving Topeka yesterday.  There were numerous choices of pretty campgrounds in county and regional parks. Last night we stayed in the Nodaway County Park near Clarinda for less than half what private campgrounds cost. It had walking trails, woods, and total quiet.  


The movie, Bridges of Madison County was filmed near Winterset which is also the birthplace of John Wayne .  We drove by John’s house but it looked too updated to be of interest so we didn’t stop.  Gravel roads led to two of the covered bridges. They were identical to each other and in nice settings.




One of the towns we drove through, Adel, had an interesting court house so we parked on the square and walked around.  Each corner of this building had windows where the glass was curved.  And Molly got caught in an embarrassing pose.