Oh *%#@?&!!!!


We were making good time to St. Paul to pick up the mattress today (my temporary aero bed sprang a leak again) when we stopped for gas at a BP station in Clarks Grove, MN.  Our motor home has a diesel engine and Steve is used to green handled pumps being diesel and black being gas.  Not at this particular BP station which has given extra business to the local garage because we weren’t the first to put gas in a diesel tank.  Steve noticed that the receipt had a much lower per gallon price than the diesel or else we would have driven off and ruined the engine.  I got on the internet and found out we shouldn’t even start the engine with gas in it.  Thank goodness this gas station was just a mile from town and a garage.  Omni garage was fantastic and dropped everything to help us and even said they have told that gas station they needed to change their pump handles.  The RV, (who we named Tulip) has an anti-siphon tank so this has not been easy or inexpensive.  $105 tow truck + $78 full tank of gas siphoned + $51.83 for the garage. This garage is a bargain and  too honest because they spent a lot of time on Tulip and getting us on the road again for only $51.83. But there’s a good ending to this story.  The garage was selling farm fresh eggs which they tried to give us for free but we wouldn’t let them.