Feels Like Mexico

The last time it was warm enough to have our awnings out, it was March in Mazatlan.  Funny that we had to go to Quebec to warm up again. And it’s very warm……….89 in the RV, 83 outside.  Plus, when we stayed at an RV park in Puerto Vallarta, it was jam packed with Quebecois who bring a unique atmosphere to a park.  Steve and I both looked at each other at the same time and smiled (thinking about Puerto Vallarta) when we saw a big RV trying to back in and about 20 Quebecois out to help. They are shouting instructions and checking every little inch that the RV moves.  It is hysterical.  They sure love to have a good time and are all out and about being very social. 


Had a quiet night last night and crossed into Canada this morning on I-91.  Stopped at the tourism office and got many helpful maps and a campground book. We got off the main route 55 trying to find a place to get some currency.  Third attempt was successful thanks to internet search (am soooo glad I signed on with Verizon Global Access while in Canada) and in the meantime we got to see the countryside and go through some nice towns.  Sherbrook had an enormous cathedral that I would like to check out sometime.  But we decided to take highway 20 to Quebec City so we could get situated somewhere early.  The driving has been easy and there’s not much traffic anywhere.  But, I bet we saw more RV’s today than we have in the last 2 months put together.   We are at a very full and busy Passport America campground close to the city for a couple of days before we go sightseeing.