Ferry Reservations

Got our reservations to Newfoundland for Tuesday!  We will be on the MV Caribou, the biggest ferry in Canada, capable of carrying 1200 passengers and about 500 vehicles.  I didn’t make a return reservation because I have read several accounts where individuals wished they had stayed longer than their original plan.  And every single person writes that it’s their favorite province so we are super excited.  Take a look at this Newfie’s photo gallery of pictures at www.shearsgallery.com 
Most of the ferries have a seat with a footrest that can be reserved for $9.50 each but the Caribou doesn’t.  Therefore, we reserved a cabin that also has it’s own full bathroom. Cost was $44.95 total for the two of us.  (It’s more at night because then the beds are made up.)  So the grand total for the two of us and the RV was Cdn $268.05.  RV’s are charged by length and ours fell into the 20-30 foot category.  Molly will stay in the RV and she should be fine for the 6 hours or so.
Oh, and I am going to walk on the ferry.  The first doctor said I could walk in one week if no pain.  The second doctor said 4 weeks.  Splitting the difference = 17 days (I think) so I am good to go!