Shock and Awe

I have been corresponding with Tessa since last year after she took her kids by RV to Mexico and then to Europe.  We had never met in person. They are also touring the Atlantic provinces of Canada and we assumed we would meet up in Newfoundland somewhere.  Her last blog update was posted from New Brunswick and I had not mentioned on the blog or in emails to Tessa where we were lately.  Today we are driving towards Cape Breton Island but in no particular hurry.  Before we left the campground in Hilden, a neighboring Canadian told us about a great fish and chips place in Truro.  We decided to look for it and took the  two lane road from the campground instead of getting on the main highway like his directions said to do. We are going down a fairly narrow two lane road in Truro and here comes a Lazy Daze RV in the opposite direction being driven by a woman with many bikes on the back.  It was Tessa! We turned around and she pulled into a shopping parking lot.  After lots of “this is unbelievable” this is incredible” and so on, we went into their RV and visited for a while.  What a happy, wonderful, family and we are so fortunate to know them.  Tessa’s kids have to be the luckiest in the world for all these adventures and great education through travel that their parents are giving them.  This out of the blue meet up sure made our day!
IMG_4161                     Lia, Molly, Tessa, Jazy, Charles, Steve
IMG_4155                     Lia and Tessa (Ciao Baby is the name of their RV)
IMG_4158                                            Tessa and Charles