Cabot Trail

The Ceilidh Trail ended and the Cabot Trail began in Margaree Harbour.  The towns in this area are French and the signs reminded us of being in Quebec.  As in boulangerie instead of bakery.  Right after the town of Cheticamp the landscape changed abruptly to very big hills and shortly afterwards was the entrance to Cape Breton Highlands National Park.  Two different people in the last few days told Steve that there wasn’t much to see on the Cabot Trail and also that the road was just awful.  Totally untrue.  Highway 19 is not the best on the Ceilidh Trail but once we entered the park, it was great.  It does have some steep up and down grades but absolutely nothing that our diesel motor home couldn’t handle.  Also, most of the cars we saw today were going counter clockwise and so far there’s been plenty of room between the road and any drop off’s.  Plus there is a nice guard rail and no lack of scenic pull off’s.  We aren’t doing the park justice because there are trails, waterfalls, and nice picnic areas but that’s what I get for not watching how I step out of the RV.
However, we have more of the Cabot Trail to drive tomorrow.  Tonight we are at the Hideaway Campground and Oyster Market which is just past the farthest tip of Cape Breton on Aspy Bay.  This RV park charges $23 for no hookups and $26 with electric and the views are great.  We are hoping to get some sleep tonight since we have no one near us.  The last two nights we’ve been crammed in (Scotia Pines RV and Sunset Sands) next to people that stayed up very, very late outside with their friends.  They were both expensive parks to boot. 
IMG_4217IMG_4228                       This steep turn looks worse than it is.