Waiting at the Ferry Terminal

We killed several hours in the Sydney Sobey’s parking lot. Sobey’s is the grocery store we like to shop at because we get 2 cents off a liter coupons for Irving Gas Stations. So now we have driven to a spot near the port.  Our ferry leaves at 10:30 tomorrow morning.  Supposedly, we aren’t allowed to get in line until midnight but there is a ferry leaving at 10 pm so we think we can get in line as soon as it pulls out.  We are parked at Tim Horton’s restaurant which is next to the terminal’s fence so we can watch for the ferry to leave. Then we’ll get in line and go to bed. 

Well the ferry just left and all these RV’s are still lined up here.  We went to the terminal and checked in at one of the booths and found out these RV’s are leaving on the 15 hour trip to Argentia, NFL at 1 am.  We are the first ones in a new line for our ferry tomorrow.  Unfortunately, the early bird in this case doesn’t get the worm  We’ve got a line of 18 wheelers next to us and you know what that sounds like.  Time for a sleeping pill.