Corner Brook

is the second largest city in Newfoundland and people drive 100 miles here to do their grocery shopping.  We’ll stock up in the morning before heading out again.  Leaving so quickly is going to be hard to do because our internet is working nice and fast after being at a snail’s pace the last week or so. There are signs in the Wal-Mart parking lot saying that RV’s can’t park here overnight but we are going to anyway.  There’s a beautiful Foretravel Class A parked next to us and Steve talked to the owners who had already asked and been told they could stay the night but to park at the end of the parking lot closest to Canadian Tire.  This couple is from Nova Scotia and spends each winter in Mexico. They plan to go again this winter and stay 3 months. It’s encouraging to hear there are still people who plan to RV in Mexico.  We miss Mexico more all the time and haven’t ruled it out for this winter. (Hopefully no family members are having heart attacks reading this).


View of Corner Brook from Trans Canada Highway

IMG_4443                            From an overlook just east of town

IMG_4441                            There are wild flowers everywhere