St. Anthony Area

It’s 43 degrees today, rainy, and at times foggy.  We drove to the end of the peninsula where L’Anse aux Meadows is located but decided not to visit as it was pouring at the time. This is the site of a Viking settlement founded by Greenlanders and Icelanders led by Leif Erickson 1000 years ago.  The barren and rocky landscape is so pretty with all the little bays and tiny villages and their fishing boats. 
IMG_4774 This 18 day cruise began in New York, went to Halifax, and is next going to Greenland, Iceland, and Norway.  Some of the passengers are walking around St. Anthony and Steve talked to a couple from Switzerland.IMG_4772    Wildflowers in the foreground and fog obscuring the top of the rock hill  jutting into the Atlantic Ocean
IMG_4768 Lookie Here!  It’s Tessa and the kids and another accidental meeting.  We were on the road out of L’Anse aux Meadows which is only 16 miles long and Tessa was headed in.  We had not been in contact the past few days because they went to Labrador.  Tessa says she has a GPS tracking device on Tulip to find us.  Today is her son’s 14th birthday.  Happy Birthday Charles!!  This is not the most flattering picture but you get the idea.