Tulip Has Itchy Wheels

She doesn’t want to stay put for love nor money even though her master (Evelyn of course) thinks it’s advisable.  We were going to stay around St. Anthony a few days.  We  were going to take the ferry to Labrador, especially after Tessa gave us detailed, step by step instructions for the ferry, where to stay, the road, and so on.  But Tulip’s excuse was that she doesn’t like to be cold and she doesn’t like a lot of rain.  Actually she’s afraid of being on the water.  It was 48 when we left St. Anthony and just 125 miles further south we were up to 71. 
IMG_4810                                Harbor in St. Anthony

The sky and ocean was almost violet in Parsons Pond
IMG_4835                                             Parsons Pond

This is the road side pull off in Parsons Pond where we tried to stay overnight on the way north
IMG_4858                  Approaching Rocky Harbor where we spent last night
Today we drove as far as Grand Falls-Windsor and are free camped in a grocery store parking lot.  We got here around 3 and everything was closed, even Wal-Mart. There’s not a national holiday today so perhaps it’s a local one.  Our Verizon internet is very fast and stable here so we are able to use Skype for phone calls with no distortion. 
The drive here was inland with miles and miles of evergreen forest that all looked the same.  At one point it got up to 83 degrees with the ever present high humidity.  To the ocean tomorrow!