Twillingate, NFL

claims to be the iceberg capitol of the world.  Not this year.  The winds that normally come from the east and north that push the icebergs through Iceberg Alley have changed to coming from the south. The tour boat operators here have to be pretty sad.  We heard a rumor of one iceberg in another location and might have to check it out.
There’s a winery in town that claims to be the only wine in the world made from iceberg water.  We will be stocking up.  And what I wouldn’t give for an extra large freezer to fill with fish from the markets in these seaside towns.  In 1992 the Canadian federal government placed a moratorium on cod fishing in Newfoundland for small fisherman and individuals.  This had a devastating affect on the economy and many people had to leave the province for work.  Even now, many people fly to other provinces for jobs but keep their homes here.  Oh, the big commercial fishing companies are allowed to fish for cod.  That’s how you are still able to get it in restaurants and stores. It’s the small guys that were put out of work or they have to fish for something else.
We are in the Peyton’s Woods RV park with a nice ocean view and nearby cliffs to watch whales, and in previous years icebergs, go by.  The owner told us we hit the lottery yesterday in getting a spot.  Someone had an emergency and needed to leave so after a short wait we were in.  RV after RV pulled in every few minutes and either left or dry camped in the middle grassy area. The same caravan is here that was at the Scotia Pines RV Park in NS.  The owners wife was pretty stressed because the caravan was giving her fits about their spaces (typical of caravans).  Our WES site is $25 a night, tax included.  Unlike Nova Scotia that will put you into the $30-$40 range, Newfoundland is very reasonable.  Plus, you can pretty much park free camp anywhere you want and no one cares.  Tessa is in the area and we will see her and the kids this evening.  She’s at a provincial park just south of town called (don’t let your kids read this) Dildo Run.  The Newfies have a real sense of humor in their naming of locales. 
On the way here, we stopped at a strawberry farm in Campbellton and loaded up.  I took one taste and remembered that I forgot what strawberries tasted like years ago before they got big, hard, and dry.

There’s inlets and bays all along the drive to Twillingate

 It doesn’t look like anyone lives in this house that was very close to the road but the paint has been kept up.

                                 Twillingate harbor

 While riding in the RV, I tried to get a photo of the harbor and this house appeared quicker than the shutter.  I tried.

                                            Pretty Pink

                The boats are  irresistible for the camera
 Wall to wall RV’s but can’t beat the location.  Town is  walkable (if you can walk).  Tulip isn’t in this picture.  Our spot is on the left and down closer to the views. Tessa will be here soon to take the only remaining site in the park.