This morning, people walking back to the RV park from the shore said there 5 whales in the bay.  Steve unhooked the RV and we dashed over but they must have left.  However, there is a walk that was mentioned as being just breathtaking so Steve drove to the end of the road and we attempted a little jaunt.  It started up quite steep on gravel and I was hanging on to Steve.  A truck came along and the man spoke to us. We couldn’t understand him and he repeated his question.  We were still clueless as to what he said.  Then he said “oh, you are not local” and toned down his brogue.  Often, if we hear Newfies talking among themselves, their brogue is another language to our ears.  The man was very friendly and cheerful and thought it was fantastic that I wasn’t letting my leg ruin our vacation.  Little did he know that as soon as he left we turned around after walking maybe 100 feet from the RV.  Plus he didn’t know how whiney I’ve been the last 5 weeks and 4 days. 
The road around Twillingate twists and turns into many little coves along the shores.  Such a beautiful place!  However, the town is in mourning because 4 people drowned while out on a boat.  Two of the drowned were brothers, age 10 and 12, the only children of a woman holding down 3 jobs to support them.  Everyone knew the boys as being such wonderful kids and because they were always at the dock offering help when boats came in.