Twillingate to Gander to Bonavista

On the drive out of Twillingate yesterday morning we stopped at the Auk Island Winery.  Tessa had generously shared two of her bottles with us (Funky Puffin and Joose Moose) and we had to stock up.  We’ve already opened up the Raspberry Iceberg dessert wine and it is out of this world.  A little way out of town we stopped at a roadside takeout for lobster burgers.
We stayed last night at the Gander Walmart along with about 8 other RV’s.  When I was 7 and also 9, our family crossed the Atlantic in a propeller Air Force plane.  In those days the trip from McGuire AFB in New Jersey to Frankfurt, Germany took 24 hours with two stops for refueling.  Supposedly one of the stops was Gander.  I distinctly remembering taking off and there being a very big hill/small mountain that I was afraid we weren’t going to get over.  All of these years I have thought about that hill and wondered if it was really that big.  However, we found out Gander doesn’t have any hills.  Maybe it was Goose Bay in Labrador where we refueled? 
There are two different highways that can be taken to Bonvista, 230 and 235.  We decided to go one way and come back the other.  Highway 235 was one long roller coaster ride and we were often only going 25 miles per hour.  The scenery was very nice but after arriving in Bonvista, nothing compares.  Tessa had rainy weather for their visit here but we got lucky and it’s fantastic.  I have many pictures of the town itself but won’t post those until after we leave tomorrow in the event that I have more. 
IMG_5009                           Lighthouse at Cape Bonavista built 1843
IMG_5013                       John Cabot landed at Cape Bonavista in 1497
IMG_5026                                      Dungeon Provincial Park  
                                    The Dungeon sea caves
IMG_5040                         Every mile of coastline is wild and beautiful
IMG_4959    We passed this scene on the drive to Bonavista.  The ground was covered in wild flowers.