Goodbye Canada


Three months and five provinces and we were becoming pretty attached to Canada.  Here is our favorites’ list:

1.  Favorite province:  Newfoundland with Quebec close behind

2.  Place we could easily live in:  Quebec City (but not in the winter).

3. Steve’s favorite place:  Bonavista, Newfoundland

4.  Cleanest air and prettiest sky:  Newfoundland when it wasn’t raining

5.  My favorite drives:  Quebec City to St. Simeon, Humber Arm in NFL, Gaspe Peninsula,  and from Corner Brook through Gros Morne National Park.

6.  Steve’s favorite drive:  Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia

7.  Best fish meal:  Seafood platter at Hartery Family Restaurant in Stephenville.  Note:  The town of Stephenville is not much to look at and has some rough characters downtown.

8.  Best camp spots:  Blow Me Down Provincial Park, Newfoundland, Mall at Corner Brook, Newfoundland, and the parking lot by the train station in Quebec City.

9.  Most RV friendly:  Hands down it was Newfoundland and Quebec.

10.  Favorite big city for downtown shopping:  Saint John, New Brunswick

PS  Steve says I should mention that no place starting with Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, when I broke my leg, got a really fair shake.  That means “I Shall Return”.

This is a good time for me to take a break from writing this blog.  I will post again September 15th with our whereabouts and what we are up to. We haven’t decided where to go over the winter (Mexico is out at this point) and we are still thinking of shipping the RV to Europe in April. Much depends on Steve’s October checkup on his aortic aneurysm. 




  1. I just finished reading all your blog entries from the time you entered Newfoundland, until you left Canada! How interesting to see the place through your eyes! We travel the roads here a lot and also take a lot of pictures, but we never take the place for granted like many do. Thanks for an interesting peek into our province from outside eyes.

    We live in Pasadena, near Corner Brook and spend a lot of time hiking in Gros Morne. We never tire of the drive, nor did we tire of the commute when we both worked in Corner Brook for 25 years. The Humber Valley has to be one of the loveliest drives in the world. Check out our rather outdated website at and our photosite at

    I will read more of your travels later!


  2. It's so nice to hear from someone who actually is from Newfoundland. I'm so curious to know how you found my blog. You certainly are fortunate to live in such a beautiful area. I didn't say so on my last post, but Corner Brook would be my first choice of where to live in Newfoundland. You are right about the Humber Valley being one of the loveliest drives in the world. We had never even heard of it and only took the drive because of the uniquely named “Blow Me Down” park. We can't wait to go back someday.

    I've been looking at your beautiful photo's on Smug Mug and can't get over all your flower pictures. Thank you for the links and for writing. I will get back to blogging soon – just taking a break for a bit.


  3. Your blog was referred to me by someone who used our website as a guide for their trip to Newfoundland. They posted the link to the puffins in Elliston to show me that Puffin Island was a better place to see puffins than the Witless Bay boat tour.

    Corner Brook is my home town although I now live in Pasadena, about 20 minutes east. The Humber Valley refers to the drive from Corner Brook to Pasadena. The drive from Corner Brook to Lark Harbour ( Blow Me Down Park ) , the southern shore drive out the Humber Arm of the Bay of Islands is just referred to as “going out the Bay”, beautiful no matter what you call it!

    Thanks for your kind comments about our photos. Hope your foot is healing well. If you decide to come back some day, let me know and I will give you a personal tour of some of the secret places in this area!!


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