Fort Ticonderoga, NY

“During the 18th century, when nations fought to control the strategic route between the St. Lawrence River in Canada and the Hudson River to the south, the fortification overlooking the outlet of Lake George into Lake Champlain was called “a key to continent.”

The French constructed here in 1755 the stronghold they named Carillon and made it a base to attack their English rivals.  The British renamed it Fort Ticonderoga”.  (The preceding text is from the Revolutionary Day website.)

IMG_6201 There is much to see at the site of this restored fort including demonstrations, tours, fife and drum music, a great museum, and gardens.  Admission is a little steep at $15 each so now I can no longer complain about Canadian admission prices.





  Today was our first time to be hot since last winter in Mexico and even that wasn’t very bad.  We are heading to higher ground (Adirondacks) and hookups so we can use our A/C until it cools off a bit.