New York to Pennsylvania

It was real windy driving yesterday and I don’t know if that was from the hurricane or not.  We drove through the Catskills to as far as Lock Haven, PA where we spent the night at a Flying J.  This one has two dumps and the RV’s are coming and going every few minutes to use them.  I had my best nights sleep here in a while because it really cooled off. We spent 3 days at a campground in the Adirondacks while it was so hot so that we could run the AC.  Steve was offered a job there for next summer.  Free campsite with full hookups and $50 a day for a three day work week.  Not bad but the trees were so thick you couldn’t see the sky and people started their campfires at 5 in the afternoon when it was 87 degrees out.  Crazy.  I would bet money that many of the people smoking us out would have a hissy fit if someone lit a cigarette in front of them.  Anyway, there’s no way we can stay in one place a week let alone all summer.  If we don’t go to Europe, Alaska is calling Steve. 

It’s supposed to be cool today and tonight too and then warm up again.  We are slowly making our way to Shenandoah National Park to arrive after the labor day crowd is gone We’ve hardly spent anything on RV parks.  Averaged $5.40 per night for August.  The solar panels are at least paying for themselves a little bit.  NY was really smoggy. At least we have clear blue skies here in Pennsylvania.  We drove the back roads as usual and the countryside is so pretty. The huge bonus of driving the smaller roads are the roadside vegetable stands.  We’ve been eating fresh tomatoes every meal of the day.  People in Vermont were selling them for $4 a pound in their front yards and now we are buying tomatoes for about 50 cents a pound.  Fultonham, NY has a huge, huge market that I’d give anything to have access to everyday.  We bought onions, garlic, cantaloupe, broccoli, apples, lettuce, cucumbers, bell peppers, little sweet peppers all for $12.  We had just loaded up with tomatoes from a front yard stand or we would have bought them too.


IMG_6278                               Town of Lake Placid

IMG_6307                                    Saranac Lake


IMG_6328 The huge market structure in Fultonham has flowers and vines growing all around it.

IMG_6332This steep hill had longhorns grazing even at the top.  It sure reminded me of mountain side farms in Switzerland.