Shenandoah National Park

I never thought of the word “ridge” in Blue Ridge Mountains but after driving 60 miles of the Skyline Ridge in Shenandoah National Park it really has meaning now.  Normally when we drive through mountains, we go up and down and around and back up again.  This drive is truly along the top of a fairly narrow ridge for miles.  The road overlooks one side and then the other.  I think we are about half way along Skyline Ridge drive if we drive it all.  But for now we are camped in one of the parks’ very nice campgrounds.  Everyone was leaving yesterday (Labor Day) as we drove in so it’s not crowded at all.  I read on the internet that the temperature is 10 degrees cooler up here than in the valley and that is true.  We can’t get internet but are going over to the lodge later and I’ll see if I can post this.



IMG_6357We came around a bend and here was this tunnel.  I grabbed my camera, turned it on and snapped with no time to compose or fix settings.  Later when I looked at it I couldn’t figure out why the road was also at the top of the picture.  Steve immediately knew that it was the reflection of the road in Tulip’s overhang!