Today we went to Thomas Jefferson’s home, Monticello, near Charlottesville, Virginia.  Admission was pretty steep at $22 each.  The rooms are pretty small and we were packed in with at least 25 other tour goers.  Other than the over rated interior, I liked the cellar rooms, the grounds and the museum much better which would have been free.  Well, I always wanted to see Monticello so that’s off my list now. 


The day hasn’t gone well.  After we left Monticello we couldn’t find a campground.  First we went way off the beaten path to a Passport American park that we decided against.  I think that’s the last time we drive out of our way for a Passport park.  So then we got on the interstate, which we usually avoid, and headed towards Richmond.  There was absolutely nothing in the GPS as far as a campground.  Stopped  at a rest area but they had the No Overnight Parking sign.  Next was Wal-Mart in Richmond. The parking lot was packed and there were no over RV’ers there.  So we found that there was one RV park going north on I-95, well out of our way.  We went there and they had one last spot left right next to the interstate for $45 plus tax.  No way!  Did I mention a few days ago we discovered our headlights don’t work and it was almost dark? Luckily we had just passed a truck stop and so we are parked next to the interstate noise for free!