North Carolina Visit

Dan, Andrew, Sylvia, Steve

Dan, Andrew, Sylvia, Steve

Our three days with Steve’s brother and family in New Bern went too fast.  The first day we went to Beaufort on the coast and saw historic Fort Macon, had a great seafood lunch, and went to the beach.  We also saw some of the wild ponies across the water on Radio Island.






New Bern is a beautiful town with historic old buildings, lots of pretty churches, gardens, and even a palace.

Sylvia was very interested to know all about our motor home and went to great lengths to even find out how much food would fit in the freezer.  We already had quite a bit in it including 5 packages of cod and salmon we had bought in Canada to take to Colorado.  But here’s what Sylvia added:  Shrimp, scallops, grouper, German Chocolate cakes, packages of zucchini bread, peach cake, berry cake, apple cake, and a quart of seafood bisque.  The freezer was now packed solid so then Sylvia started on our pantry with lavender sugar, lemon sugar, vanilla sugar, fruit topping, and candies.  Not to mention egg casserole for the fridge.  Did I mention that Sylvia loves to cook and even goes so far as to order vanilla beans to make her own extract?  Needless to say, we ate like kings every meal including eight course breakfasts.

IMG_6431-1 IMG_6439

Note the jar decorations

And then to top it all off, Dan asked if I wanted to see an orthopedic doctor friend of theirs.  I had not even mentioned that I planned to find a doctor in Colorado for my foot and so naturally I said yes.  And finally I have a diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment plan.  I have torn ligaments that I have been possibly re-injuring by walking too much.  Therefore, very limited walking until after I begin a course of six weeks of physical therapy back in Colorado.  The doctor said my foot should be back to normal in about 5 months. Also X-rays showed the fracture is healing very nicely.

We said our goodbyes yesterday morning and are now westbound.