GPS Points of Interest

Last fall, a friend advised me on loading Points of Interest to our new GPS from the website Perhaps everyone else already knows about this and I was just the last person to find out but I still have to let you know how valuable these POI’s have been in our travels.  Here are just some of the POI’s I have in the GPS so far:
1) Campgrounds – When we are ready to find a place for the night, I just do a search and get a list of the nearest ones with directions.  There are also separate files of discounted campgrounds like Passport America, Escapees, and Good Sams.
2) Wal-Mart’s, Flying J’s, Love’s Truck Stops  – Occasionally we spend the night in their parking lots at no cost.  Most truck stops have dumps and water available.
3)  Rest Areas
4)  World Heritage Sites, National Parks, etc.
5)  Waterfalls
6)  ATM’s
Before we went to Canada I loaded up the GPS with their campgrounds by province and anything else I find that might be of interest.  I’ve noticed that the POI Factory even has European campgrounds in their listings.  And it’s all free.

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