Delta to Grand Junction, Colorado

You may remember me writing about fellow Coloradans Dick and Ginny, whom (who?) we met last December 31st in Villa Corona, Mexico.  We met up again in Melaque, Puerto Vallarta, and Mazatlan and have stayed in touch ever since.  They live in Delta and so we stopped in for a visit and an overnighter on their beautiful little ranch.  Dick and Ginny had been going to Mexico almost every year for the last seven but will also not go this year because of the violence.  Dick is hopeful that things will settle down by next winter so they can travel there again.  We feel the same way. It’s a huge, huge letdown to not be able to travel there this winter.

We left Delta and drove the 50 miles to Grand Junction and checked out the house we moved away from 4 years ago.  Steve always said he didn’t want to see it again because we had put so much work into landscaping and it looked great about the time we sold it.  But we were curious to see how big the trees and bushes were that we planted so we went there anyway.  We were both pleased to see that the place doesn’t look nearly as nice anymore.  The new owners had cut down the big willow tree, took the fence down that was around the pond, and parked 2 extra vehicles and a boat (there is a 3 car garage) on the extra lot in front of the yard.  Yuk!

These pictures are of the Bookcliff mountains to the north of Grand Junction.  I used to think they were so desolate and ugly but now that I’m interested in taking pictures of everything, they look pretty good.