Arches and Canyonlands National Parks

Highway 128 to Moab, Utah runs along the Colorado River and is in a canyon part of the way.  This road might take a little longer to reach Moab but it is such a pretty drive that we have made it more than once.
Moab has just one Passport America campground and it is in such a quiet location that we stayed three nights. The second day we went to Arches NP which is about 8 miles from town.  I managed to do some pretty good walking up to Delicate and Windows Arches where there are many stairs to go up and down.  Almost no foot pain afterwards or the next day so I would say the physical therapy helped a lot.  I’m sure now that I can get back up to several miles at a stretch with no problems.  My goal is to walk the Cinque Terre paths in Italy!
Yesterday we drove to the northern part of Canyonlands NP and today to the southern part.  The southern part is more remote and once we were in the park itself we only saw 5 cars at most.  Steve and I both noticed how utterly quiet it was when we were outside.  All of the parks are just magnificent and there’s a never ending vista of rock formations of all shapes and colors.
I put off writing this post because I took so many pictures that it would be hard to choose which ones to display.  So I made an album.  To see the pictures enlarged, just click on the ones to want to see.