Natural Bridges and then South

There are three natural bridges at the monument but the first one on the loop drive, Sipapu, is the tallest and has the widest span.  It’s also the easiest to see from the overlook.
After leaving the Natural Bridges Monument we decided to go to Page, Arizona.  According to the map the shortest route was to take highway 261 to Mexican Hat and then pick up 163.  As soon as we got on 261 there were signs that said the road would become gravel after 23 miles, it would have switchbacks, it would have 10% grades etc.  That was hard to imagine because the road was so flat and straight.  Well, at 23 miles the signs came fast and furious.  Sign after sign of warnings.  And then when one of the signs said the speed limit was 5 mph I got excited, never having seen a speed limit that slow.  And there suddenly was the road with a high up in the sky view of what we had to get down to!  You know how your GPS will show you how the road curves ahead?  Well, the GPS showed a bunch of squiggles like a two year old had been scribbling.  Some of the switchbacks where actually right on top of other switchbacks because it was almost a straight up and down butte that had to be descended.  It was a lot of fun!!