Dam Dam

No, that’s not my bad spelling; we visited two dams in the last few days.
The first one was Glen Canyon Dam on Lake Powell.  We drove across the bridge in front of the dam and parked at the visitor center and then walked back across the bridge to see the views.  There’s a high chain link fence but every so often, little windows are cut into the fence so that pictures can be taken.




There is a new bridge in front and high above the Hoover Dam that just opened October 19th named the Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Bridge. Highway 93 is the main route from Las Vegas to Phoenix, and prior to completion of this bridge traffic had to drive over the Hoover Dam.  The bridge was built for security and traffic control reasons and is believed to be the second highest in the US and also has the longest concrete arch in the western hemisphere.  We first walked over the bridge which gave us incredible views of Hoover Dam.  Then we drove to an area where we could park the RV and walked down many steps to the dam.  The new bridge looms so high and large over the dam. It’s just an amazing sight.
We went in the morning and at that time the sun is directly behind the bridge making picture taking difficult.  I think later in the afternoon might have been a better time.  We’ve kept our watches on Colorado daylight time (2 hours ahead of where we are) to fool ourselves into getting up earlier in the day because we have a problem making the most out of daylight hours.