Enjoying the Warmth

Not much to report.  We cancelled our RV park reservation in Yuma because we like it here at the Tropicana RV lot in Laughlin and until we get impatient to leave, we might as well stay a while longer.  Every couple of nights the little blue grass band across from us performs. One night some banjo players that were camped here joined in.  I’d pay money to listen to this group!
I signed up for the players card and right away made back the $50 I lost plus $40 to the good.  But now I am down $3.  We won’t go into the casino again until Monday when there are drawings.
We’ve been reading our Europe books and I’ve gotten two shipping estimates for Tulip plus received a quote for the vehicle insurance in Europe.  Also priced a few travel health insurance policies.  I was reading the blog of one RVer who had dropped off their RV at the port for shipping and it was 16 days after the scheduled depart date before the RV actually left.  This has us rethinking the repositioning cruise.  I’ll be glad when this is all done and settled.  So much is in flux for the next few months, not to mention my ankle has been very painful since the day we walked at Hoover Dam.  I don’t know at what point I decide it’s not going to be healed to walk on by April (or ever).  Oh yeah, and tonight I received an email from my mother in Colorado telling me she was making a turkey and a ham for Thanksgiving.  AND, she was baking a double batch of Lebkuchen for Christmas, which she makes especially for Steve because no one else like it.
We were told that last year this time there wasn’t a single spot available.  I would guess there’s 50 RV’s here now with room for 100.