To Leave Or Not To Leave

That is the question.  The nights have turned cold here in Laughlin and tomorrow it will get down to 32 whereas Yuma’s low will be 43.  We’ll see.
Meanwhile, Steve has been trying to call his doctor’s medical conglomerate’s billing office about a coding error that caused us to be billed $190 for a physical when our cost is supposed to be zero.  However, all the customer service agents have been out to lunch or away from their desks for two days now.  I stopped going to Steve’s doctor several years ago for this very reason.  When he had his own private practice, visits were less expensive.  But when he became part of a large corporation the charge for simple office visits suddenly became level 5 complex visits.  And then you had to go back every six months for a prescription renewal instead of once a year.  So I changed to a doctor that was on her own that would write prescriptions for a year.  Also, dealing with her one local billing clerk suddenly became easier and less expensive.  This way the dollars stay local and don’t go to corporate headquarters in Texas to the cats that are already too fat.  Actually, I quit taking all prescription medicine.  Over the counter Sinex instead of expensive Flonase and Red Yeast Rice instead of Lipitor for lowering cholesterol both do the job.