Where We’ve Been

Early last November we took off from our home in Colorado for our exciting adventure.  The lines on this map of North America show our general routes so far.  When I look at the map I can’t believe we’ve traveled so far and wide and seen so much in this short time.  We have driven 27,200 miles but it doesn’t seem like it at all.  I wouldn’t mind reliving the last year because it’s been fantastic.  But we also can’t wait for the next phase to begin!
A year ago we spent Thanksgiving parked in a Flying J truck stop in Arizona.  This year we will have our dinner at one of the buffets in Laughlin.  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!


  Red Line – Nov 2009 through March 2010

Blue Line – April 2010 through September 2010

Purple Line – October 2010 to present

White Line – Planned