Prepaid Phone

One of the ways we cut expenditures is by having a no contract phone where we purchase prepaid calling cards.  We rarely need to make phone calls and when we do we use Skype from our PC which costs nothing. 
The prepaid plan we signed up for costs $1 on the day we use the  phone and 10 cents a minute.   We have to buy a minimum $25 card every 90 days and this is plenty for us.  But what is aggravating is the number of telemarketers who have our number and call almost every day.  The $1 + 10 cents gets charged even if we listen to a voice mail. They have gotten sneaky and many don’t have 800 numbers anymore.  When I see a non 800 type area code I wonder if it’s someone legitimate calling us, particularly now that we have so much going on with the Europe plans.  Every single time I answer it turns out to be a telemarketer and the minimum $1.10 is then deducted from our balance.  I just recently entered our phone number in the opt out data base but that will take time to be effective.
I found a website called that is a free reverse number lookup database created by users to report telemarketing and abusive calls.  For instance, I have received no less than 6 calls in the last 30 minutes from (914) 339-9503.  Looking in this database I can see it’s a telemarketer because other people are complaining about calls from this number.  It would be nice if the phone companies would give us the option to press a button on the phone to never receive calls from certain phone numbers.  But then they would be losing out on the frequent $1.10 charges they get from us and everyone else.  Forget that.  We have to take care of big business so they will create more job for………………….India?

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