RVing Out of Country

Most of our information comes from the blogs of other RV’ers who have or are traveling in other countries.  I wouldn’t know where to begin on the Europe planning without their blogs.  These travelers often email each other for advice and also to share information learned along the way. 

Another place we get information is from the World Wide Travelers monthly newsletter, a chapter of the Escapees Club.

Off to the side of this blog is a list of Europe websites that we read and have helped us.  Actually two of the travelers have also taken their motor homes to Central America and one went to the tip of South America!  I will add more sites as I find out about them.

Additionally, I have a tab at the top of our site listing tasks we have completed towards going to Europe.  I know some of our readers get posts via email or a reader program.  If you are interested in going to Europe you might check our actual website from time to time to see this information. 

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