Over Organized?

Steve and I wandered around Europe for a month in 1996.  We had two suitcases and 3 or 4 maps.  Otherwise, we had no itinerary, no guidebooks, no reservations anywhere, not even a camera. Neither of us researched one teensy thing before we left. We managed just fine and had a great time.

And now?  I have six spreadsheets variously labeled: 1)To buy 2)To Do 3)To box up and mail home 4)To take on cruise 5)RV port checklist 6) Things to stock up on.  Then there are the documents I have scanned and saved in case of loss or theft, the mountain of travel books with more on the way, the never ending notes on places to see and stay, the GPS files I’ve downloaded and new ones that I have created. And camera’s?  That’s a whole other post.

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