Counting Down

to traveling again and also hoping this nasty weather will end soon.  We had about 24 hours of wind with temperatures in the 20’s at night. It would have been impossible to keep warm if we had not bought the catalytic heater and also had an electric heater going at the same time.  Sure feel sorry for all the livestock farther north having to suffer outside in such cold weather. 

Naturally we are on the internet a lot since we’ve been cooped up so much.  I used up almost our whole 5 GB Verizon allotment so we paid for a week’s internet through the park.  Turned out to be a good choice because I synced ALL our Picasa photo albums to Picasa on the web.  Our pictures are backed up on a Seagate Go drive (I think that’s the name) but it is still worrisome that maybe that’s not enough.  So now having them all on the web too makes me feel more confident.  What’s nice with the Sync feature is that in the future I won’t have to manually update the albums with any changes, deletions, or additions.  It’s all automatic. 








This beautiful parrot lives in the RV across from us. 

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