Mama Said There Will Be Days Like This

and I’m wondering why are we putting ourselves through this torture when we could be sitting in our cozy house looking at Pikes Peak.  Only 2 pm and here’s our list thus far today:

1)  When we retracted the slide this morning it went clunk.  And now it won’t extend.

2)  A large deposit I sent from one bank to another a few blocks away has been in the twilight zone for 5 days.

3)  Our mini storage unit has us only paid up until April instead of May because that’s what their computer says.  They have retroactively taken away the free month we got back in Oct 09 for paying a year in advance. Round and round we continue to go. 

4)  Trying to make an appointment with a certain Camping World for rust around the overhang collar that Winnebago is willing to pay for as a courtesy.  The Camping World is clueless even though we have a confirmation number from Winnebago.  More phone calls.

5)  Vacations To Go posted a lower price for our cruise by $100  Naturally I called to get a credit or something and had their website screen with the price sitting in front of me when I made the call.  The agent called the cruise lines.  Then came back and told me no, the price was not lower and he was looking at the same screen as me.  Then he tells me to do a refresh F5, and low and behold the price went back up.  Very coincidental that the price changed right during the phone call as it had been lower for several days.  Fishy.



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  1. We paid cash for our last motorhome. The problem was, the cash was in Canada and the motorhome was in Texas. I called my bank and asked their advice on the best method to get the two together.

    I was told to have the dealership's financial manager call a 1-800 number and between the two of them they would arrange the transfer. They did that and I was told all was taken care of. The dealership had WIFI so I checked my account and indeed, the money was gone.

    The financial guy at the dealership checked with his bank and the money was not there yet. We were invited to stay in one of the dealership's full hookup overnight sites but the rig could not leave the lot.

    Next day, same thing. No deposit. I called my bank and was assured they had done their part and sent the order. All numbers were verified. It was not until the fifth or sixth day that the deposit was finally made. If the interest rate had been high I would really have been ticked off as someone would have been collecting interest on that cash but as it was, interest rates were negligible.


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