Seville, Spain

Todays tour going from the port in Cadiz to Seville was a 1.75 hour drive each way.  There were 50+ people in our group and Seville was packed with more tour groups and so many tourists that we felt like sardines most of the time.  It was a miracle we didn’t get lost from our guide because he was practically running a marathon.  Most every picture I took was from a walking mode. There was another trip option that we now wished we had gone on that would have dropped us off and we would have been on our own until time to get on the bus again The central core of Seville is small and it would have been easy to walk to many attractions.  As it was, we spent most of the tour in the cathedral below.  This cathedral is supposedly the 3rd largest in Christendom.  It took over a hundred years to build between 1401 and 1507. 
And if you didn’t know it before, Christopher Columbus is entombed inside the cathedral.  Evidently his body was moved 5 times for various reasons so all the previous locations also claim to have his body.  But DNA proved that Seville has the real McCoy, even though there’s only 150 grams remaining of  his body.
The Royal Palace (Reales Alcazares), built by Moors in the 1300’s  is a beautiful structure with it’s  intricate designs, courtyards, mosaic tile work, fountains, terraces, and arched patios.  I liked this building better than the cathedral.
We did not get to see the gardens other than to walk/run through on the sidewalk to get to the street and the bus. 
Then the bus took us to the entrance of Plaza de Espana.  The tour guide stayed on the bus and told everyone they had 5 minutes to dash into the Plaza and take some pictures. 
Seville is a difficult city to drive and park in and we thought that by doing this tour we wouldn’t need to come with the motor home.  But our appetite was only teased.
We’ve been told and read over and over that Europeans have very small motor homes and that our 24 footer is almost too big.  On the drive from Cadiz to Seville we saw our first RV.  It was a Class A, about 30-32 feet and pulling a car.