Ship Shots

In case I didn’t mention it before, we have been on the Liberty of the Seas.  It’s a huge ship, too big for my taste but it has gotten the job done of getting us to Europe and allowing for some very good sightseeing in a few ports.  And actually the main reason we selected this particular cruise, other than the rock bottom price, was the fact that it stopped in the Canary Islands.  Tenerife way exceeded our expectations and we want to go back for sure.
So here are some pictures of our ship in a small size that you can click on to see larger.
By the way, today we received an email from an agent in Zeebrugge that Tulip has arrived and we are free to pick her up.  We had advance emailed all the documents they needed so we won’t have to wait the usual 48 hours once we arrive there.
Promenade on Liberty of the Seas

On the left is the promenade, a long area with shops and pubs and restaurants.  There’s even a Merle Norman store where I test a different perfume every day.
Whirlpool over the sea

The picture on the left is a large whirlpool that hangs over the sea.

CruiseShip 4-9-2011 1-06-54 PM
Another cruise ship parked in front of ours in the port of Cadiz

Movie theatre on the left.  On the right is a ship in front of us in Cadiz.