Trains and Boat and Plane

and bus and taxi.  All in one day!  I’ve worried about this day more than any other but it went very well other than one train being about 20 minutes late.  We got off the ship at 8:30 this morning and now at 8:30pm we have already had dinner in Bruges, Belgium and had a bit of walking on the square.  Our hotel is on a canal less than a block from the square.  Of course, our room itself is nothing to write about but we laughed because it is smaller than the cabin we had on the ship.  Now I hope to get on the internet and post my backlog.  
   Taken from the side of our Hotel Bourgoensch Hof


  1. Bruges looks as photogenic and beautiful as I've always heard. You've made it to Europe all right, now all you need is Tulip! Any idea where you'll be headed first? Will Tulip be visiting the tulips in Holland perhaps?!! Love all the pics you posted today…what an adventure!


  2. Lynne, Bruges is 100 times more beautiful than pictures could ever convey. We are picking up Tulip tomorrow and then had planned to meet another RVing couple (Our Travels With Rover blog link) in Rotterdam Tuesday. However, today is our one full day to see Bruges and I've got a sore throat and fever and don't know how much I'll manage. We are now thinking of trying to find a place nearby to park Tulip for a few days. Yes, then next priority is seeing taking Tulip to see her namesake in Holland.


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