Two Tries and Two Hits

I was under the impression finding open Wi-Fi would be nearly impossible except at McDonalds.  Earlier, we parked in the heart of downtown Zutphen, Holland and I posted the two previous entries from there.  Now we stopped at a grocery store in a small town in Germany and found another signal.  I just now asked Steve if he knew what town we are in so I could tell you.  So he looked out the window at some signs and said he thinks we  are in “Einfahrt”.  “Einfahrt” means “entrance.”  First time I have laughed in days.
K-lines received my email and regrets we didn’t immediately go to their office so they could start an investigation.  Hindsight says we should have, even though I doubt our things would be recovered.  Belinda (our contact) said a customs official and one of her office colleagues was in the motor home on Friday (one day after Tulip’s arrival in port) so we are trying to determine if they noticed certain items missing then.  We didn’t buy marine insurance as we were told it didn’t cover theft. 
Zutphens, Holland was a beautiful little city with lots of greenery and parks and canals.  And way more bicyclists than cars, with bike paths on both sides of every street.  I’ll get back into picture taking mode soon.  My fever is gone today so maybe I’m getting better.  Still can’t swallow much but that is helping the waistline.
We changed the setting on our GPS for shortest distance and to avoid highways.  The scenery from the 4 lane highways is nonexistent.  The beautiful towns and countryside we are seeing now is lifting our spirits.