Visiting Friends

Last year in June when Steve and I were traveling in Quebec, we met Regine and her brother Martin in Perce on the Gaspe peninsula. They had rented a motor home and were traveling around eastern Canada for three weeks. Regine invited us to her home here in Bremen, Germany over Easter and to celebrate Martin’s birthday. Altogether, there are 13 of us enjoying each other’s new friendship.
Martin cooked two different kinds of deer roast that were so good. I have never liked deer but he prepares it a special way so that’s it’s very tender and not gamey. We’re getting to taste so many foods and drinks that are new to us. The food and drinks just keep coming. How about eight different cheeses just for breakfast? My favorite new drink is beer with grapefruit juice.

Regine has an internet network but we haven’t been able to access it from our laptops because the password has been lost. The keyboard is German and I’m doing well to write a few sentences correctly. Sorry to have no pictures yet but cannot figure out how to get them on here.