Frankenberg, GE

Frankenberg was a double bonus points town because 1) There was a lot to see and  2) The camping Stellplatz was close to the town center so that it was easy to walk to everything.  We were planning to go to a Stellplatz in a nearby town and the description just happened to mention it was close to scenic Frankenberg so we looked in our book and there was a Stellplatz here too, plus it was free.  Rothenburg, a town I’ve been to several times, always gets a lot of press but Frankenberg is just as nice in my opinion.  So nice that we stayed two nights.Frankenberg-7




The two pictures above are of the old Rathaus (city hall) building.  The interior is empty open space where in olden times the market was held.

This old part of town is on a steep hill that also has a cathedral called the Liebfrauenmich that is so big it dwarfs the town.  The cathedral was started in 1286 and not finished until 1554.  This picture of a postcard below is grainy but I couldn’t find a spot to photograph the cathedral from.  The interior has a pretty ceiling.



The Leaning House of Frankenberg



Country scenery before we got to Frankenberg. These yellows fields are common but I don’t know what is growing in them. 


  1. Never would have thought of Canola. Loved getting your comment in real time. We are sitting on the Mosel River and found a wifi signal from within the RV. I'm in heaven. Not getting many good pics though because of hazy sky. Would a UV filter help or do I need something special?


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