It is sooooo much easier to be in France and we may never leave.  Once we came down out of the mountains we drove through several gorges and canyons that looked to be right out of Colorado or southern Utah.  And there was hardly any traffic, similar to the western U.S.  This area has many cherry, apricot and olive orchards and the towns are brown and fairly poor looking.  Some looked totally deserted.






This is the little resort town of Chorges on Lake Serre Poncon.  The lake is quite huge and is the most beautiful light turquoise color. 

We stopped at a bakery (Boulangerie) that was in the country and advertised that their bread was baked in a wood fired oven the traditional way.  The bread was still warm so we made our lunch in their parking lot.  And there was an open Wi-Fi signal where we could check email for the first time in many days.  Did I say we are never leaving France?