Gap to Grignan

The first night we stayed at a free Aires in Gap and right away met the people next to us who are from Australia and travel full time.  They have three older motor homes, one in Australia, one stored in California, and their current one is stored in Germany when they aren’t in Europe.  In three weeks they are traveling to their California motor home for a trip to Alaska.  They have even ferried to Iceland with their Europe motor home.  You would presume they must have a lot of money but they go to extremes to travel cheaply………even going to cemeteries where there’s always a water tap in order to fill their tank. 

Last night we stayed free at a truffle farm in Grignan that was several kilometers off the road onto country lanes.  The whole area had many oak trees and reminded me of the Texas hill country around San Antonio.  The farm was actually more like an estate with a lavender field and large forest.  They have dogs which are trained to find the truffles. 




Tonight we are free camped in Valreas at a winery called Domaine de Lumian where we bought a bottle of 2006 Cotes du Rhone for 7 EU.  I can’t read French but from what I can tell it’s some kind of eco certified wine.  Whatever it is, it doesn’t give me red blotches like most red wine. There’s even electricity, water, and a dump station here.  We have a picnic table and wonderful views of mountains, vineyards, lavender fields and even a few animals.  There’s a pony and also a mule that act like puppy dogs if anyone gets near them.  They get excited and start scratching the fence and one will kick the other while they vie for attention. 




We met this nice couple from Holland yesterday at our present winery location.  The owners warned us that there would be loud music going very late for their teenagers birthday party so we all moved to the truffle farm.  Today we came back together to the winery.