Millau to Albi

On the way out of Millau there was a visitor center underneath the bridge.  This bridge took only three years to build and is the world’s highest multi-stayed bridge at 343 meters (1115 feet).  Take a look at how high the seven pillars of the bridge are:
Some pillars are higher than Notre Dam, The Statue of Liberty and even the Eifel Tower.
See how tiny the car looks in front of the pillar?   The shops in town have a selection of postcards from different vantage points and in various kinds of weather.  Some reminded me of the Golden Gate bridge when only the tops shows through the fog.   We didn’t drive to any of the high overlooks and from underneath the bridge our camera could only capture part of the length.
Kathy and Rick told us that Albi, with it’s cathedral and Toulouse Lautrec museum was a must see.  To make a long story short, the Aires is next to the cathedral and as we wound our way through the narrow streets and got closer the street was blocked because it was market day.  I took some pictures as we crossed the bridge and it does look like a fascinating city, particularly because most of the buildings are of red brick.